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Class Registration Documents


These documents are only for use after you have discussed classes with our registrar.

After you have talked with the registrar and determined which class is best for you and your dog:

Please read the Registration Letter and Class Information, as they contain instructions for completing your class registration and important information about your first night of class.

Print and complete the Questionnaire, and return it with your check made payable to TDOC as provided in the welcome letter.

Print the Statement of Responsibility/Vet Certification form. Sign the Statement of Responsibility, and have your vet complete the Veterinary Certification, which will both be included with your check and questionnaire and mailed to the registrar.

Students are required to watch this brief orientation video prior to class.  Thank you for your time!

Please click here for the TDOC class orientation video.


Recap of documents

Registration Letter

Class Information

Questionnaire (return by mail with check)

Statement of Responsibility/Vet Certification (return by mail with check)


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