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Join us for
My Dog Can Do That!

Come spend a fun-filled day learning about all the exciting things you can do with your dog. Cuddling on the couch is nice, but we bet your pup will love doing more.  Join us to find out!


When:  11:00 am - 2:00 pm, March 30, 2024

Where:   Goyert Farm, 35 Wilford Rd., Havana, FL

Cost:  Free!

Come watch live demonstrations, and then give it a try with your dog!  Activities include rally, obedience, agility, trick dog, barn hunt, scent work and more!  Descriptions of activities can be found below.


 What to know before you go:  Dogs must be on leash and well-behaved around other dogs.  Please keep your dog a safe distance from other dogs.  Goyert Farm is a working farm:  close-toed shoes are required for safety.



Trick Dog - Teaching your dog tricks is a great way to bond, while providing your pet with mental and physical exercise.  Not only that, you can now earn AKC titles showing off your dog's tricks! 

Barn Hunt tests the dogs ability to seek out vermin (in this case, well-protected rats).  Strong PVC tubes containing rats are hidden in bales of hay, and the dog  hunts for them. 

Agility  is one of the most active dog sports.  Handlers direct their dogs around an obstacle course, including jumps, tunnels, A-frames, see-saws and more, emphasizing speed and accuracy.

Obedience is a multi-level competition from novice to utility.  Dogs heel, retrieve, respond to hand signals and find scent articles.

Rally is a fun alternative to standard obedience competition. Rally tests the teamwork between handlers and their dogs.  The team moves briskly through a course where signs display a skill for the team to perform, such as making 270-degree turns, circles, heeling through cones, heeling backwards, fronts and finishes, and much more.

Scent work is a growing sport that harnesses the natural power of your dog's nose to search and find a scent.  

Ask the Trainer:  Club members will be available to answer any of your dog training questions, from house manners to competition dog sports.

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